Mamas&Papas :: Editor's Letter
Dec 2015/Jan 2016 issue Volume 6 No. 73


Oh God, why are our children orphans even though they have both parents? We have no time for our children. Where am I? Where are we as parents? We need to avoid things that draw our attention away from our children and let them know
that we are not going anywhere. So often we get caught up in nurturing the brain and aesthetics that we mistakenly think we are engaging our children. After listening to a mom who was blindsided by her son’s suicide attempt, I started to ask myself questions I have never asked before.

Can I see my little girl? Do I know where she is? Am I aware of where she is in terms of how she relates to boys, bullies and peer pressure? Do I know where she is on the scale of self-perception and acceptance? Our children need to know that they can turn to us – their parents – especially when they think they need us the least. Do they know we are strict, but forgiving? Am I teaching my daughter to truly embrace her uniqueness and know that she is never helpless? Does she know that her parents are her first and last line of defence; that even if she disappoints me, I still love her? I may not always understand her, but I will always love her. When she falls, may I be there to kiss her her knees. May I know her essence and teach her that tears of joy will follow tears of sadness. May she always know her mommy’s love, especially in the winters of her life? She is – and will always remain – the very best of me.

Children are blessings from God and they should know that as long as there is breath in their parents, we are not going anywhere. Even when God calls us, our love for them cannot and will not stop. Relationships with spouses and friends may come and go, wallets may bulge or thin, but our love for our children is unconditional. Do we know when to put down the phone and focus on our children? God forbid we ever become complacent with virtual hugs and kisses that we forget the power and reality of a touch. Quality time – without gadgets (mobile phones and iPads) – is so important. When last did you read a story to your child, run around in the garden or park, bake or build Lego blocks together?

May we never forget our highest duty! Let’s remember to love and embrace responsible parenting and be present in their lives. Yes, there are bills to pay and promotions to be earned, but these are cold comfort without the love of your children. Use this downtime to reconnect with your loved ones and be safe together. Celebrate the joy of the season, be kind to yourselves and give abundant love to your little munchkins before you embrace 2016 with renewed hope and strength.

From me and the team: Mamas & Papas


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