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October 2015
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Be innovative, bold and daring
I am one person who believe so much in the expression, go big or go home. Who are you not dream big. You will never know the amount of potential you have unless you go an extra mile to reach your dream. Yes they'
ll be naysayers on the road, you'll lose friends, you'll lose your greatest best employees, you'll lose business contacts and even more painful, you'll lose the people close to your heart. How does one keep the level of confidence in business even after the external pains and tribulations life comes with. Number one...believe in your brand. Create an idea so good that even the biggest obstacles of them all won't shake it. If you've built a brand you know nothing or no one can crush, you're on the right track. Page on to see what we have for you this month on how you can rejuvenate your brand.

Do companies and executives find value for hiring business coaches? Well, this month we featured Andre Lombard, a business coach who helps entrepreneurs and startups to double and triple their profits. There’s no question that future Entrepreneurs need constant coaching.

We all know that some entrepreneurs get rich quick, but still others do it even while they're young. Quite a few of them are making their first million before they're even of legal drinking age. Now, I'm sure you know any kid who has potential to becoming the next Cameron Johnson. This little lad,if you didn't know became a millionaire at the age of 11 by creating greeting cards which had earned him thousands and leverage to start his own business. We at Wealth Ladder Magazine are giving your kids an opportunity to take part and enter our 2016 young promising entrepreneurs. Application form found inside.

Thank you once again for being a loyal reader of Wealth Ladder Magazine. My message this month is our Dreams Will Come True. Your dreams don’t need to remain dreams forever; they have a real possibility of coming true. If you’re a big dreamer, you’ll achieve greater rewards. It’s a strong belief in yourself combined with those big dreams that’ll make you a personal success. Don’t settle on small dreams when you can be achieving bigger things.

Dream | Grind | Achieve

Just Curtis Beth


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