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August 2015 Issue 1 Vol 1
   My Leader

This time has come once again to South Africans, and the citizens of the planet earth, to think ahead of milestones that were a part of learning curve for 2014. The goodness portrayed by this wonderful year suggest that, We should have come to know that, our turn has come for us exercise virtual gift from our divine master, to make this world a better place, if we can, so that those that come after us will embrace goodness and wonders created and preserved for the coming generational contigent of adventurous heroes.

I welcome all the readers of My Leader publication with great warmth and appreciation, wishing you intimacy with this magazine of needs and values, an informative and adventurous journey with a leader of this calibre right infront and next to you in every step of your way.

As a self motivated young, black entrepreneur in this challenging society of greatness and fun, I suggest that, may we as a community strive to support, and promote the entrepreneurial aptitude that lies dormant in all of us, not in some of us, but in all of us, and then wait to see how difficult and painful it is, to acknowledge other person’s abilities rather than appreciation one’s own.
For as long as three centuries ago, we as the enlightened few, have the nicest decency, and indeed the expedient of asking and begging for charitable gifts, rather than expediting an inward journey to ones self. It is therefore a calling to all children of the Legends, to listen to the inner voices that resonates into the deeper intuition of our cognitive reasoning.

State Of The Art and conventional knowledge brings no newness to our subliminal threshold of understanding our surroundings, but an innovative mind chases every corner of our intelligence...

You are a leader, indeed a better one than those imposed to you, shine your light, for it is light that enlighten those in the darkness…... SM


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