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May 2015
   Fast Company South Africa

Influencing the global village...

In March, it was announced that South African comedian Trevor Noah would be taking the helm of the widely popular and highly respected The Daily Show—replacing the popular actor, comedian and film director Jon S
tewart. This satirical news show plays a large part in American politics and sets the tone for most discussions. This in itself proves just how much South Africans have managed to make major inroads globally.

Despite a highly complicated history, the burdens of a developing economy and myriad socio-economic challenges, South Africa continues to show it is capable of providing the world with world-class talent.

I was fortunate to watch Noah’s show, It’s My Culture, live in South Africa. The juxtaposition of comedy and politics made for good viewing, and I believe he will be highly successful in his new role as an American political commentator who started out in Soweto, South Africa.

Others like Charlize Theron, Fana Mokoena, Neill Blomkamp and Gavin Hood are also making moves in the global village. What has perhaps impressed me the most is how these individuals have seamlessly slotted into their various roles. There has been no fuss, scandal or chaos—in actual fact, critics have come out in their droves to acknowledge their talents and competence.

Perhaps one thing we can take from all this is the fact that borders really no longer exist. If you have something worth selling, it can be tailored to any audience, client or buyer. The interconnected world in which we now live appreciates and loves differently. We should not hold back if we have something to offer because the world will appreciate it regardless of background.

Another captivating feature we have in this issue is the Design Indaba article. This world-class event is fast gaining the reputation of being a future trends-prediction gathering. I attended the 2015 edition and I genuinely felt I was in design paradise. From the abstract elements, ideas and various projects being showcased, I truly did not know where to start. It was an amazing gathering that outlined the strength of the human mind in design terms.

Also in this issue we look at artificial intelligence and the impact thereof; some believe it is the best thing happening for future advancement, while others link it with dread and doom. What is it? For whom is it? And what are the implications of using this intelligence? It is already on our sunny shores and influencing our day-to-day lives.

I hope you enjoy this edition just as we have enjoyed researching the different elements while putting it together.


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