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Feb/Mar - 17th Edition
   GINJA Food & Lifestyle Magazine

Several years ago my son, who at the time was about six, came to me in a flat tailspin. His dilemma was that he kept having “heart attacks” when he saw a certain little lady at school. He knew this because his heart felt like it was trying to jump out and he just knew that if he ignored it he would surely die! As any good mom would, I explained that he simply thought she was a lovely girl and because she was super special his heart beat that little bit faster, however it would never make it out of his body, and nor would he die! To my detriment, Valentine’s Day was around the corner and none other than yours truly was saddled with making chocolates and Valentine's cards for her until two in the morning! To make matters worse, she received lots of little Valentine’s treats and my little cherub decided that he didn’t want to share her and ended up keeping all my hard work anyway!

So how do we prepare ourselves for the chaos that ensues leading up to the only day that you are able to confess your undying love to obviously the only person ever made for YOU? (To all the men out there, this issue is for you – that means my hubby too!)
How to fall in love – your Valentine’s survival guide. With articles on how to prepare a romantic dinner for two, the best picnic spots South Africa has to offer and yes, during these troubled times we even pulled in three chefs, put them on a shoe string budget and had them woo their partners with tantalising ingredients from their local shops. I’m pleased to announce our kitchen is still standing and we may just be able to survive another Valentine’s Day!

Before I give away all our hidden secrets in the pages that follow, here’s to you this Valentine ’s Day.

Yours in food and love
Chef Jacqui Brown


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