Mfenendala  :: Editor's Letter
10th Issue

The only way is upwards...

2014 marks the 19th anniversary of Oliver Tambo’s death and through -out the month of October, he was honoured all over South Africa and Cuba.

Described as a visionary and a man who possessed intellectual honesty b
y the Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, besides Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo is one of the most recognised African leaders to lead the struggle for liberation and we honour him in this issue. In continuance with our legacy, South Africa is filled with places that tell our rich history and very few of these sites are recognised. We look into rightfully exploiting the history these places for the benefit our nation. If countries such as Italy can have over 40 sites in the World Heritage listing, then we shouldn’t sell our self short, we are just as worthy.

We continue to engage with our readers as we encourage public participation with our public opinion page and we still look forward to working with local businesses to grow business activity within the province of KZN. In this issue, we look into accessing funding for your business with Sasfin. This is a much needed guide for any business. An economically active society is a self- sufficient society.

Mfenendala Magazine has done what it set out to do in the beginning of the year, which was to continue waging a war against forgetting and to grow as a medium between our past and present. We have grown and will continue to do so for the upcoming year of 2015 and beyond.


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