Destiny Man  :: Editor's Letter
October 2014
   Destiny Man

When we look at the lives of others, particularly those we admire, everything always looks perfect. The snapshot of a life today rarely gives glimpses into the paths travelled to get to that moment. We don’t get to see where they stumbled or had to do a U-turn. We don’t see the times when they were despondent and ready to give up. We assume that, if they had such moments, they were able to pick themselves up and turn their lives around by dint of superhuman will or extraordinary strength.

Becoming an overnight sensation is usually the result of a lifetime of hard work, commitment and belief and the successful navigation of a path riddled with potholes. Our lives are made up of billions of moments and choices. To compress all of that into something that is easily digestible is nigh on impossible. Look at the films that document the lives of others – they have to be cajoled, moulded and polished to fit the genre, which means creative licence is often taken.



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