Destiny Man  :: Editor's Letter
Jul/Aug 2014
   Destiny Man

We’re all making life happen in our respective industries. We submerge ourselves in all the bits and bobs, infrequently coming up for air. The unrelenting busy-ness of our lives keeps us on edge in that we keep up, find balance, aspire to more than work, innovate, create, spend time with family, pay our bills, do our jobs… live – whatever it means. There are professions today that that didn’t exist a decade ago. There are industries that have been absolutely disrupted. Fortunes have been made and more “ordinary” individuals have had a profound impact on the globe than ever before in history. We’re living in a time when each of us has greater opportunities to alter the trajetory of not just ourselves and those around us, but also the country and the continent. With immense change, nothing is impossible.



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