Trend frenzy :: Editor's Letter
May/June 2012
   Trend frenzy

Editors Letter….

So winter is upon us…brrrrr…absolutely not my favourite season. For this reason I like to focus on the few things I do love about the winter and while they may seem simple and small in the bigger scheme of things…they g
et me through the icy months.

Winter can leave things looking and feeling drab and colourless…but that does not have to apply to your wardrobe. This seasons trends include colours like purples, blues, pastel pinks & yellows and metallic gold & silvers…which if warn correctly with one or two neutral colours will leave you looking bright and fabulous. What we wear often effects how we feel. Also remember that winter does not necessarily mean that you have to look like an over layered Eskimo. Invest in a stylishly cut, double breasted winter coat in black, grey or cream tone that will go with everything. That way you can wear a little less layering and when you get to your destination be it work, the mall, dinner or even a night club you can shed your coat and show off you’re your fabulously non bulky winter style. ;)

While winter fashion can be fun to play with so can looking after your skin. In winter I always look forward to moving from daily showers to hot, bubble filled baths. So many luxurious bath milks and products to indulge in. Let’s not forget my favourite after bath winter ritual…gorgeously scented body butters. It is so important to look after your skin in winter as it takes a beating in the cold weather…so be sure to start stocking up and using all the right products to keep your skin moisturised this season.

Then there’s the gym…I know there might be some of you wincing at the sheer utterance of that word…but really winter is the best time to hit the gyms and get your body into tip top shape. While you may not want to leave your heaters and cosy couches you’ll be surprised how much easier a workout is in the colder months. For one you don’t get as overheated and fatigued as quickly as you do in summer…and the gyms are quieter because of all the lazy’s who decide that it’s just too cold. Oh and please don’t forget the Sauna! In winter it is one of the highlights of my day. Great after a touch workout to relax sore muscles, it’s great for your skin and it’ll warm you up good and proper. ;)

Warm, tasty, cosy, yummy Soups!! There is nothing better than a healthy bowl of hot soup when the winter chills are nipping at your nose. What’s more…you won’t pack on the winter pounds eating it…double bargain! We have a whole section of winter soup recipe’s for your pleasure in this issue…so be sure to check it out! There are lots of healthy winter comfort foods that will melt away the winter chill…one of them being Curry and rice…as long as you stick to brown rice of course. ;)

If you start to miss the greenery that summer so thoughtfully provides why not try starting up a little indoor herb garden. We have some great ideas for you in this issue…so check it out.

Besides all that healthy stuff…don’t forget to spoil yourself a little once in a while and allow your self small winter indulgences like hot chocolate with mini marshmallows….yip…winter just wouldn’t be the same without this yummy little treat! Enjoy curling up on the couch with a blanket next to the heater with a good book, a movie or your cuddle buddy. ;)

Till next time TrendFrenzy Peeps!


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